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How much does a Solar Inverter Replacement cost?

Find out what a replacement inverter costs as we discuss what causes solar inverters to fail, how long inverters last, how to keep yours running efficiently and much more.

Replacement Solar Inverter

Installing a solar system on your home might seem like a great solution for reducing energy bills, but it’s not without its challenges. One particular setback can occur if your solar inverter breaks down.

If this happens, the electricity produced by your solar panels may not power your appliances, rendering your entire system unusable until the inverter is repaired.

Solar inverter problems can be quite frustrating for homeowners. Often the issue will go unnoticed until they receive an expensive power bill. And after investing heavily in solar for their home, a malfunctioning system can be quite a disappointment.

In this article, we explore the cost of a replacement solar inverter, an inverter’s expected lifespan, whether it’s possible to repair an inverter, why regular inverter maintenance is important and what can cause solar inverters to fail.

How much does a Solar Inverter Replacement cost?

Inverter replacement costs can range from $1500 to $4000, depending on the brand, size, and installation charges.

For a more detailed quote on the cost of replacing an inverter, please send us an enquiry on our contact page, or call 0497 524 407, and one of our friendly team members will be in touch shortly with more information about how much it would cost to replace your inverter.

How long do Solar Inverters last?

While solar panels can typically last 25 to 30 years, solar inverters have a much shorter lifespan. Inverters have numerous moving parts which can rapidly age when not cared for.

This means that most solar inverters will last for 5-15 years.

However, that greatly depends on:

  • the installation location at your house or business,
  • if the inverter has had regular maintenance services,
  • weather occurrences in the area (for example hot temperatures, humidity, wet weather), and
  • the brand of the solar inverter.

These are important factors to discuss with your solar installer prior to the installation, or with the solar repairer when servicing your system so that you can get the most out of your solar inverter.

Can a Solar Inverter be Repaired?

Many ask if our solar repair experts can fix a faulty solar inverter. Unfortunately, the answer is usually no.

Due to the complex components inside, your inverter will likely need to be sent back to the manufacturer for refurbishment, or it might require a straightforward replacement.

All solar inverters, by law, come with a five-year warranty, assuring high-quality products. If your inverter fails within this period, we recommend contacting the installation company for repair. If they’re unresponsive, please reach out to us, and we’ll assist.

If your solar inverter is outside the 5-year warranty window, your local solar repair specialist should be able to provide a quote for a replacement solar inverter. You can also call Solarfix today on 0497 524 407, and our friendly team can assist you with the cost of a solar inverter replacement.

Do Solar Inverters need servicing?

Yes, they do. We strongly recommend annual servicing for your solar inverter.

Regular inverter maintenance ensures your solar system’s optimal performance and helps prevent deterioration that could lead to severe, potentially hazardous issues, such as fires.

What causes a Solar Inverter to stop working?


Electrical components are more sensitive to high temperatures. If the maximum operating temperature is reached, it may lead to a reduction in electricity production. It is important to clean the dust filters regularly and ensure that the inverter has open airflow.

If the maximum operating temperature is reached within the inverter, it’s very likely to lead to a reduction in electricity production. Regular servicing by a solar service expert can help reduce the chance of overheating by cleaning the dust filters and ensuring that the inverter has open airflow.

Grid Fault

High or low voltage due to a grid fault could prevent the inverter from functioning, which could lead to lost data, an interruption of power, or an interruption of the computer. The use of circuit breakers or fuses can be used to ensure that the inverter is not susceptible to failure due to a high voltage supply. This helps protect the unit from power surges which could potentially lead to a fire hazard.

Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)

Solar panels produce different voltages, even within the same power system, so it’s critical to get the maximum efficiency regardless of the voltage level. MPPT algorithms extract the maximum power from the solar panels. The MPPT tracker adjusts itself constantly in order to keep the solar panels at their Maximum Power Point. If you have noticed any drop in power output, it could be due to a malfunctioning MPPT module.

Faulty Installation

A very common reason for solar inverter failure is careless installation. If your solar panels are not matched with the appropriate inverter capacity, your solar inverter will struggle to function efficiently. As a rule of thumb, the capacity of your solar panels should be 133% more powerful than that of your inverter.

For example, if you are using a 4 kW solar panel, your inverter capacity should be 3kW. If you are using a 6 kW solar panel, your inverter capacity should be 4.5 kW.

Solar System Servicing

What should I do if my Inverter isn’t working?

If your solar inverter isn’t working or underperforming, please call our inverter repair experts on 0497 524 407. They will ask a few questions about the issue, including any error messages your inverter might be displaying. Occasionally, a simple system restart can resolve the problem, saving you the cost of a new inverter.

If a restart doesn’t solve the issue, we’ll arrange a suitable time to assess your inverter, discuss the next steps, and provide an estimate for a new inverter—if necessary.

So, if you’re experiencing issues with your solar inverter, need a quote for a new one, or want to learn more about why your inverter isn’t working, call Solarfix today on 0497 524 407.

Before and After Inverter Replacement in Brisbane

Recently in Brisbane, our solar technician made two inverter replacements to boost solar efficiency for local homeowners. Experience the revitalisation of these Brisbane homes through our short video showcases.

In the first video below, we swapped out a faulty B&B Solar Inverter, a brand that’s no longer available, for a top-tier Goodwe Solar Inverter, which, to our delight, produced a stellar 3.7kw at 9am during winter. The second home saw the replacement of a Suntwins 3kw Solar Inverter with another dependable Goodwe model.

Post-installations, we ensured the homeowners were set up on the SEMs Portal, granting them real-time insights into their solar system’s production and household energy consumption.

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