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Frequently Asked Questions

Solar Panel Repairs FAQs

What could be causing my solar panels to stop working?

The solar panels installed on your roof are part of a complex system that provides your home with clean energy. And because there are so many parts, it can be difficult to know what exactly is causing the failure without our solar panel repair technicians inspecting your solar system.

That said, we’ve listed some of the most common reasons that your solar panels have stopped working, below:

  • Your panels may have overheat or melted,
  • There could be burn lines, or spilt or cracked cells inside of your panels,
  • The DC solar cabling found beneath your panels could be burnt or melted,
  • There could be corrosion inside the glass of the solar cell or to wiring,
  • Your DC isolators on the roof have melted,
  • The micro-inverters have failed,
  • Poor workmanship when the panels were installed,
  • Damage from pigeons, possums or other animals, or
  • Broken solar panels usually following hail storms.

Whether you can see visible damage to your panels or not, we do not recommended inspecting them yourself. A combination of heights, live wiring and broken glass could result in serious injuries. It’s always best to call a solar electrician company, like Solarfix, to determine the exact cause and repair your solar the same day.

How do you know if your solar panels have stopped working?

More often than not, homeowners won’t know their solar power or solar panels aren’t working properly until the energy bill arrives – which comes at quite a shock. But did you know you can check on the health of your system in other ways? A lot of solar systems will come with a smartphone or tablet app that you can check and make sure everything is working as it should. You can also look at your inverter and if there is a green light showing, everything is fine. If the light is orange or red then that might mean there are issues that need to be addressed and fixed.

Can my solar panels be repaired?

If you have broken or damaged solar panels, they will need to be replaced. The costs involved with repairing a solar panel are usually more than the cost of replacing the panel. That said, even if the damaged panels on your roof still work, it’s important that they are inspected by a local solar repair company to insure that they won’t lead to a more serious concerns like fires or compromising the other components of your solar system.

If you believe that your solar panels might need to be inspected, please call our friendly technicians on 0497 524 407 or by using the form on our Contact page.

How much does it cost to replace a solar panel?

If your solar panels are still under warranty, the cost of the panels should be covered by your insurance company and you would only need to cover the service fee. If your panels are no longer covered by your warranty, the price of replacing a panel usually ranges between $150 to $400, depending on the brand.

Do you service solar panels near me?

Here at Solarfix, our highly experienced team provides solar panel servicing, replacing and maintenance services near you throughout the South East Queensland region. If you’re unsure if your property falls under our service locations, please feel free to call us on 0497 524 407 and one of our friendly solar panel experts can let you know.

Frequently Asked Questions

Solar Inverter Repair FAQs

Can solar inverters be repaired?

Most of the time when our solar technicians investigate an inverter that a customer believes is broken, a simple reboot will have it return to working order. In the rare occasion a reboot doesn’t work, it might mean that there is something wrong internally with the inverter, like water damage or wiring issues. If this is the case, the most affordable option is to replace the inverter as the cost to repair it is usually more than a new inverter.

If you’re having issues with your inverter or have concerns that your solar system isn’t working as well as it should, call our friendly solar inverter repair team on 0497 524 407 or book an inspection online today.

How much does it cost to repair a solar inverter?

The cost of repairing an inverter will range depending on the model and system you have on your roof. Most of the time when someone believes their inverter is having issues and that they need a new inverter, the real issue could be something quite minor. We always recommend calling a solar repair expert to assess the inverter first. Here at Solarfix, we charge a very affordable service fee of $129 to assess your inverter and provide you with a detailed guide on what needs to happen next.

To learn more about why your inverter might have failed or has stopped working, read our article on common reasons inverters fail, here.

Do solar inverters need to be serviced?

Absolutely they do! It’s very common that homeowners will either forget to have their inverter serviced or simply weren’t aware it needs to be serviced. To maintain a healthy solar system, we recommend servicing your inverter, panels and the rest of your system at least once a year. By doing so, you’re ensuring that your solar system runs at peak efficiency all year round while also preventing any deterioration that could cause faults and lead to serious and dangerous issues, like fires.

How much does it cost to replace a solar inverter?

As we mentioned earlier, most of the issues your inverter will face could be minor and fixable however, in the instance when your solar inverter needs replacing, the cost of a new inverter will depend on the model and brand you would like to have installed or replaced. On average, the cost for a new inverter could range between $1500 to $3000.

Be sure to talk with your solar repair technician about the benefits of different models and which might be best for the solar panels you have installed before agreeing to purchase a new inverter.

Do you repair solar inverters near me?

We proudly provide Brisbane solar inverter repairs and maintenance services near you in all suburbs throughout Brisbane and the entire Greater Brisbane regions including; North Brisbane, South Brisbane, Logan, Ipswich, Redlands and the Moreton Bay region.

If you’re still unsure if Solarfix will service your location, please feel free to call our qualified solar inverter repair technicians on 0497 524 407, or you can book online using our booking form and one of our experts will call you back.

Frequently Asked Questions

Solar Pigeon Proofing FAQs

Do I need to pigeon proof my solar panels?

The simple answer is yes. Pigeon proofing your solar panels will save you a fortune on panel cleaning costs in the future. Having your solar panels protected from bird and other pests will also drastically reduce the need for repairs and extensive maintenance work as the proofing mesh will stop leaves and debris from building beneath.

If you have more questions about why your solar panels might need pigeon proofing installed, you can speak to our local and friendly team by calling us on 0497 524 407.

How do you pigeon proof a solar panel?

We use an eco-friendly mesh material that covers every side of your panel, like in the image below. We don’t use screws or bolts because that would void your warranty. Instead we use safe, sturdy and easily maintained clips that hold the mesh in place regardless if its raining, windy or a typical hot summer’s day.

Solar Panel Bird Proofing

How do you remove pigeons from under solar panels?

Often once our team is on the roof, the pigeons will fly away which gives us the best opportunity to safely remove their nests. Taking a nesting spot away from a bird may not be your cup of tea. However, we’re here to let you know that the birds have plenty of other options for nesting. In fact, nesting beneath your solar panels isn’t the safest option for them, and it’s best to encourage them to leave.

Many people see pigeons as pests, at the end of the day they are living creatures and here at Solarfix, we don’t want to hurt them.

How much does bird proofing solar panels cost?

The cost of bird proofing your solar panels depends on the size of the system installed on your roof, it’s layout and if there is any damage from nesting birds.

Although we can’t provide an exact price without seeing the panels on your roof, we do offer no obligation quotes so there is no pressure to go with us. To receive a no obligation quote, we recommended speaking to one of our local bird proofing experts by calling us on 0497 524 407.

Do your provide bird proofing solar panel protection near me?

We are proudly a Brisbane solar bird proofing business providing bird proofing installation, repair and maintenance services to all suburbs throughout Greater Brisbane including North Brisbane, South Brisbane, Logan, Ipswich, Redlands and the Moreton Bay region.

If you’re not sure whether we service your suburb, please call our qualified and licenced team on 0497 524 407, or you can our online booking form and one of our experts will call you back.

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