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Pigeon and Bird Proofing Solar Panels.

With more than 15 years of Solar Industry experience, Solarfix proudly provides customers with Brisbane’s most reliable and affordable Solar Panel Protection from nesting Birds and Pigeons.

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Fast, local and affordable
Bird Proofing Solar Panels!

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Solar Panel Bird Proofing Experts

15+ Years Experience

Every member of our bird proofing team are industry qualified and licenced installers.

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Although we offer a premium level of workmanship, our prices are competitive and affordable.

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All of our pricing is up-front so you won’t get any surprises, and we also offer no obligation quotes.

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Eco Friendly & Safe Bird Proofing Services

At Solarfix, we know investing in solar is an exciting step towards maximising savings and creating clean, renewable energy for your home. Unfortunately, some solar panels owners find themselves with a pesky problem: birds, particularly pigeons, that nest around and under their solar panels.

That is why, as a team, we have made it our mission to help safely remove these unwanted guests and install eco-friendly and low maintenance bird proofing mesh to ensure you never have to question your solar’s performance again.

Expert workmanship, prompt service and competitive rates.

Providing the highest level of care for every customer.

Proudly local, professional and dedicated team.

Pigeon Proofing on Solar Panels

An insight into how we work

Our process for bird proofing solar power panels

We pride ourselves on being open and honest about our bird proofing process. Our friendly and licenced technicians, will help provide an insight into any issues that the birds may have caused and how they’ll safeguard your solar panels from any future birds or pests.

Contact our Experts

We welcome everyone to call our team if they believe their solar system might be affected by pigeons or other birds.

Call, email or submit an enquiry through any of our website forms

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They will schedule a convenient time to attend to complete the inspection

Inspection & Quote

Our bird proofing installers will visit your home and inspect your entire system then provide you with a no-obligation quote.

Complete a thorough inspection of your solar panels

Discuss any existing issues caused by the pigeon problem

Provide you with a no obligation quote to repair the problem

Pigeon proofing solar panels

Our Solafix technicians provide a same-day service installing special bird and pigeon proofing mesh around your panels.

Our CEC accredited solar electrician will repair the problem

Safely remove any nests and install mesh around your panels

You can get back to enjoying the benefits of your solar system

Protect your solar panels from birds & pigeons

Contact our bird proofing experts today and we will help.

The most common issues we find

Pigeons nesting under solar panels

Rats are attracted to Pigeons under Solar Panels

Rats & rodents

Bird nests attract hungry rats that can lead to them damage to wiring and other parts of your panels.

Pigeon Droppings on Solar Panels

Corrosive Droppings

Pigeon droppings are very acidic and can cause corrosive damage to your solar panels if left there.

Bird Nets under Solar Panels causing Water Flooding


Pigeon nests can block rain from passing under your solar panels which can cause water damage.

Fire damage to Solar Panels caused by Nesting Birds

Fire Risks

Nests are built from sticks, leaves and other materials that can become a serious fire hazard.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs for solar panel bird proofing

Do I need to pigeon proof my solar panels?

The simple answer is yes. Pigeon proofing your solar panels will save you a fortune on panel cleaning costs in the future. Having your solar panels protected from bird and other pests will also drastically reduce the need for repairs and extensive maintenance work as the proofing mesh will stop leaves and debris from building beneath.

If you have more questions about why your solar panels might need pigeon proofing installed, you can speak to our local and friendly team by calling us on 0497 524 407.

How do you pigeon proof a solar panel?

We use an eco-friendly mesh material that covers every side of your panel, like in the image below. We don’t use screws or bolts because that would void your warranty. Instead we use safe, sturdy and easily maintained clips that hold the mesh in place regardless if its raining, windy or a typical hot summer’s day.

Solar Panel Bird Proofing

How do you remove pigeons from under solar panels?

Often once our team is on the roof, the pigeons will fly away which gives us the best opportunity to safely remove their nests. Taking a nesting spot away from a bird may not be your cup of tea. However, we’re here to let you know that the birds have plenty of other options for nesting. In fact, nesting beneath your solar panels isn’t the safest option for them, and it’s best to encourage them to leave.

Many people see pigeons as pests, at the end of the day they are living creatures and here at Solarfix, we don’t want to hurt them.

How much does bird proofing solar panels cost?

The cost of bird proofing your solar panels depends on the size of the system installed on your roof, it’s layout and if there is any damage from nesting birds.

Although we can’t provide an exact price without seeing the panels on your roof, we do offer no obligation quotes so there is no pressure to go with us. To receive a no obligation quote, we recommended speaking to one of our local bird proofing experts by calling us on 0497 524 407.

Do your provide bird proofing solar panel protection near me?

We are proudly a Brisbane solar bird proofing business providing bird proofing installation, repair and maintenance services to all suburbs throughout Greater Brisbane including North Brisbane, South Brisbane, Logan, Ipswich, Redlands and the Moreton Bay region.

If you’re not sure whether we service your suburb, please call our qualified and licenced team on 0497 524 407, or you can our online booking form and one of our experts will call you back.

Our 5 Star Testimonials

Solar panel pigeon proofing reviews

We don’t mean to brag but our Brisbane customers love the service we provide. We have included some of their feedback below in relation to the experiences they had with our solar repair technicians.

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Pigeon proofing solar panels near me

Did you know that 1 in 5 Queensland homes with solar power have a pigeon problem? Solar panel can attract pigeons as they prefer to nest in high areas where they can keep an eye on food and water sources at all times. Because their babies stay in the nest longer than most bird species, they also require ample protection. That’s why the space beneath your rooftop solar panels makes a perfect nesting place for pigeons and their families.

Other birds may also make a home under your solar panels. However, pigeons tend to be more comfortable sharing their space with humans than other species. The good news is that our pigeon proofing methods below work for all birds so you won’t have to worry about any feathery friends nesting on your roof.

Why you need solar panel pigeon protection

Installing solar is an expensive investment however, pigeons nesting beneath your solar panels could end up costing you even more. These bird can cause a range of issues for your solar panels and potential health risks for your family.

Diseases and pests

Pigeons are known for carrying diseases and pests. When they start to nest on your roof and under your solar panels, you’re welcome these mites and lice into your family home. Their droppings also contain viruses like E.Coli and Salmonella which could result in deadly consequences for you family members. You may think that because the droppings are on the roof, they won’t harm you but that’s not necessarily the case. Within in a few hours their droppings can dry, crumble and become airborne with a draft right into your home.


Pigeons are incredibly noisy birds and when they have babies, their young are even louder. This could become irritating to not just your family but to your neighbours as well. Pigeons will often make sounds at all hours of the day, including at night.

Damage to solar panels

Pigeon poop is more corrosive that most other birds’. As it builds up on your expensive solar panels, it can corrode the glass, wiring and other hardware leading to a compromise in efficiency.

Water flooding

When your solar panels become the nesting grounds for multiple birds, you run the risk of their nests causing water damage to your system. This happens when their nesting materials accumulate under your panels and create blockages that prevent rain water from reaching the gutters on your roof. Often their nests can also cause blockages in your gutters after a storm and the flow on effect continues.

Attracting rats

Roosting pigeons under solar panels can also attract rats and rodents because the birds’ nests provide a constant and easy food source for rats to prey upon.

Same Day Service for Solar Panel Bird Proofing

We understand how much damage and frustration birds under your solar panels can cause you. That’s why at Solarfix, we provide a same-day inspection and installation service to minimise any disruptions to your homelife. We also offer the most affordable pricing on all of our bird proofing solar panel protection services and our friendly team is prompt to arrive, and we guarantee our bird proofing service with a 2 year warranty.

Our solar panel bird proofing system is the best:

  • Prevents birds, pigeons and rates from getting under your panels
  • Stops leaf and debris from building up under and around your panel
  • Protects delicate electrical wiring from being damaged
  • No screws are needed so your solar system warranty isn’t voided
  • We provide a full 2 years warranty service and parts
  • Requires no maintenance
  • Is almost invisible from the street
  • Available for almost every type of roof

Call our solar system bird proofing experts

Our friendly team are available all day to answer any of your questions, or to book a bird proofing solar panel inspection. Whether you just need a quick install of safeguard mesh, cleaning bird droppings from your panels or need repairs to your solar system as well, our highly experienced solar technicians are here to help. Call us today on 0497 524 407 to protect your solar panels from bird and other pests.

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